4 yo Won't Go to Bed


When my 4YO son moved to a toddler bed about 6 months ago, he would sit there and cry that he had to go potty until we came and got him. So we gave him permission to come out to use the bathroom when he needed to… and opened Pandora’s box. He started coming out every couple minutes for over an hour. So we gave him 3 potty tickets to cash in after bed time. But he is still staying awake for an hour or two hours after bedtime and opening the door to peek out, still saying he has to go potty. In the mornings he is a total bear because he’s tired from staying up so late, but every night we repeat the same routine. And the constant interruption through the evening makes it nearly impossible for us to get chores done or go to bed at a reasonable hour. He is a frequent night time waker too and I am getting very, very tired. I can't control the night time waking but I am hoping for a better way to deal with the evening interruptions.

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