Motivating Homeschooled Children


I homeschool my three children. Their ages are 8, 6, and 5. The older two have a very poor attitude about doing school, especially math, and the younger one is starting to pick up that attitude too. Their poor attitudes make the lessons take longer and they complain and cry about finishing their assignments. I've tried sending them to their rooms until they have a better attitude, but that seems like more of a reward to them because they get to do nothing. They are not working independently - I still need to teach them the lessons, but I get so frustrated when they huff and puff and act like school is so hard. They are all working at or slightly above grade level and they don't have any learning disabilities or anything like that. It isn't that they don't understand, they just don't want to do the work assigned. We do school each morning for about 4 hours, and then they can play the rest of the day. How can I show them they need to have a good attitude about learning?

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