Follow-up to 4-Year-Old Gets Frustrated Easily


Hi John -

Thanks for your reply. However I think you misread what I was saying......or maybe I wrote it the wrong way (wouldn't surprise me. I have a knack for that) I used the example of alphabet or numbers, but he also gets really frustrated when he can't kick a ball very far. Or if he cant get some kind of toy together the right way. Or if he can't put the crayons in the box fast enough without cramming them in haphazardly. These are only examples and I could think of many more. So this frustration comes out through every aspect of his life.....not just academic things, like letters or numbers. In fact I rarely do that with him and I tend to guilt trip myself for not doing it more. So its good to know I can relax about that. ..If HE thinks HE hasn''t done it right (whatever 'it' is) then he gets very frustrated fairly quickly.

My question if not stated correctly before is just that I am wondering what I can say to him to help him when that happens. Maybe 'take a deep breath' and/or 'lets try to figure out a way to do this together' and/or 'why don't you take a break for a bit'? I dunno. You're the expert and why I ask because I want to be positive and encouraging without contributing to what seems to be his own self criticism. I don't want to make him feel less capable than he already feels himself. Any suggestions would be great.

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