3 yo Won't Go Potty on His Own


Hello ,
My 3-year boy old attends a Christian Pre-K school (class room size= 12, 2 adult teachers) where they potty trained him by asking and taking him to the restroom every thirty minutes. We were all pleased with his progress. He can now stand and/ or sit to go potty without incident.

However,he refuses to tell his teachers when he has to go potty and holds it until he goes in his pants or starts to cry. The teachers' goal is to get him to tell them when he needs to go potty and not to rely on the teachers' prompting as this is an expectation of the next grade level this coming Fall. The teachers can see when he needs to go because he does the "pee pee dance" or his face turns red. But they wait to take him to the bathroom in hopes that he will tell them he has to go. The bathroom at school is inside the classroom and the toilet is size appropriate. At home, our boy tells us, "I have to go pee-pee" when he needs to go without prompting (although he does wait until the last minute). It seems like our home and his grandparents' house is the only places where he'll initiate going potty.

How can we enable him to tell his teachers when he needs to go potty and not to hold it in?

Thank you for your consideration and advice.
from Jim

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