2 Year Old Poop On-Purposes


I asked a question about potty training my almost 2 year old - he's now having poo accidents every day. The boy gets distracted playing and does not want to miss a minute playing. So he's on the potty and up immediately after a pee and will not wait for a poo. His poo accidents have been happening within minutes of using the potty for pee (because he is too impatient to sit and wait). However, if I leave him alone in his room with the potty and no pants (anticipating that he may poo), he usually makes it to the potty for a poo. I suppose when he's outside the room, he is too busy playing and doesn't want to waste a second of it sitting down. He is a very busy sort of boy.
Would he be too young for me to expect him to stay in his room until he has done a poo? Problem is - he can be there all day. I can't gate him in one area of the house, its quite impossible in this house given the design of it. The only solution to gating would be to shut him in the bathroom, bedroom, laundry room or playpen.

Do you suggest that I just plod along and continue to guess when his poos will happen, and deal with accidents as frequently as they occur - without my version of gating (which seems cruel for this age)? He is after all not 2 yet. But I am getting rather frustrated with cleaning up poos every day the past 2 weeks - and knowing that he is quite able to make it to the toilet with my help if not too busy playing. Oh, and he also doesn't tell me when he needs to poo until AFTER he has done in his pants!

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