K5 Homework?!


Lately, I have been reading some articles and 'studies' that indicate that homework in elementary school essentially does more harm than good. Homework in middle and high school is beneficial, but it seems the trend is to not push homework in elementary school. We send our son to a school that focuses heavily on academics. I really love his school and love what is being taught, but I also worry about these recent studies. I worry that he will begin to hate school because of the homework. He is currently in Kindergarten and he brings home about 15 minutes of homework a night. Most of the homework he brings home doesn't seem like 'busy work', it seems like it is reinforcing what he learned at school. There have been a few nights that he really struggled with the work and I told him to not worry about it (he had been working on it for about an hour and I could tell he just needed a break). Should I be concerned about sending my kids to a school that has required homework most nights? Am I dooming him to hate school and hate learning?

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