5-Year-Old Being Deceptive


Hi, another question. My 5 yo daughter is typically a good 5 year old who is most of the time obedient and helpful. But she can be a little tricky sometimes. For example, if i'm accidentally micromanaging (usually because she dawdles), she will deliberately play dumb e.g pretend she doesn't understand what she has to do e.g pick up an obviously big piece right in front of her. At first I was confused, as she really acted very confused (great acting btw!)..then I realised she was doing it deliberately. Today, I told her to put the small piece of apple in her mouth, n then we can go down from the car. She was dawdling and eating it very slowly... She pretended she put the apple in her mouth n ate it up. Later when I took her out of the car, I realised she still had it in her hand. Now this seems like a rather small issue, but I was very cross because I'd felt deceived both yesterday and today. Is this kind of deception something I should not give a consequence for? (Because it's probably my fault for micromanaging). What would your advice be?

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