21 Month Old Potty Training


HELP! I started training my 21 month old son 5 weeks ago. I following your N75 method exactly. After 3.5 weeks of NO SUCCESS, no interest on his part and a refusal to even sit at all on the potty, I upped the ante as suggested. I tried the bell and gating him in an area. Without much fuss he would empty his bladder each time i put him in the gated area, but only on the floor. I'd calmly instruct him where his potty went and let him free until the next potty bell. After several more unsuccessful days i read several entries on your website about sitting the potty chair on top of the toilet to "force" him to sit. I didn't like how precarious he was so i modified, sat the potty chair on a dining room chair and used a belt to fasten him in. (I know it sounds ridiculous!) But this way i could avoid micromanaging him, he was safe enough to walk away. Finally success!! 3 days of almost no accidents! And then I don't know what happened!? We are on day 4 of nothing but accidents again. I'm at a total loss. I've been calm, collective and instructive the whole time but now that i know he can do it, it feels like he's having "on purposes." I'm starting to lose my calm.
Do i back off completely and go back to square one--before i upped the ante? Or now that he is more amenable to sitting on the potty and has been successful, do i go back to gating him in an area and just not letting him out until he does it correctly (Even if this means all day? or for multiple days?) That part of the book seemed a bit unclear to me...Do i let him out between bells if he pees or poops on the floor? Is it appropriate to make him (21 month old) stay in if he doesn't do it correctly until he does?
Or maybe you have something else entirely to suggest?

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