5 Year Old In Own World


Hi there,

Thank you for your answer about my almost 5 year old daughter's overreaction to cuts and bruises. She is now much better with empathy and a firm but reassuring tone of voice that tells her she will be better.

Now a question - my little girl seems to always be in her own little world. She's very imaginative and introspective, and always thinks up creative stories and songs. Stoic little girl whom I cannot quite guess what's going on in her little head. She gets things done slowly, dawdles and takes forever to do the simplest things. In kinder, it's already term 2 but she still appears unsure whenever she enters the room and needs to be hurried to get her lunch box and bottle out to be placed on the same table each time. After kinder, needed her best friend or me to tell her to get her bag (She's standing around not doing anything).

She also takes a long time to eat her meals, snacks, and get dressed, or do anything at all. In school, she sometimes takes so long to eat that she only manages to eat her tiny bit of salad and then leaves the rest, coming home hungry. How do I deal with this slowness and sometimes, dawdling? She will talk and talk but not get what she needs to do, done. Sometimes she will be in her own world. Obviously, I do not wish to micromanage - but she obviously needs more guidance? I just cannot think of what to do apart from timing her every move?! Any ideas I could try out?

She's generally a good, placid, thoughtful and kind-hearted little girl.

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