3-Year-Old Fighting Sleep


My daughter, who turns three next month, has a surge of energy after dinner and can literally take hours to fall asleep. Some times she won't fall asleep before 9.30 -10.

She fights sleep. She sometimes says when she's tired but that she can't fall sleep. other times she have tantrum before bed. When she stops she'll say "I'm done crying, now I can sleep."

Her naps have never been regular. I Need to drive her for her to nap. When it does work she'll wake up too early and throw tantrums until after dinner. If she doesn't nap then she gets tired around 4/5pm and will sometimes nap for 40 minutes, which throws off her bed time.

She'll usually get a total of 9-11 hours of sleep a day. Some times she'll wake up and have night tantrums and needs a snack to fall back to sleep. I feel that she's over tired. Any tips on how I can get her sleep on track is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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