"A father's contribution to his children is primarily a measure of how much he adores their mother. "

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Recently, 3 of my 4 children participated in a "game" with their 18-year-old soon-to-be step-brother. The "game" consisted of binding the hands of the children, 1-male (8) and 2-females (6 & 5), with Duct Tape and seeing who could free themselves, first. This "game" took place at their biological father's residence. Their soon-to-be Step Mother was in the room while their father was sleeping on the sofa. The children report that the "game" was their soon-to-be-step-brother's idea. After 1 round of the "game", the children wanted to stop "playing", but report that they were encouraged/forced to "play" 2 additional rounds. Only one child, in any of the rounds, was, once, able to free themselves, my 6-year-old daughter. Neither, the biological father nor the soon-to-be-stepmother believes anything inappropriate occurred. Is there any way to argue that such a "game" is "normal"? Or, in any way, "OK"? What actions/options should my wife (their mother) and I take?

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