3 yo Irritable in the Evening


I have a three year old child who has trouble falling asleep. Many months ago, I stopped putting her down for naps because she would stay awake in her room until 12 o'clock at night, sometimes later. She has been going to sleep sooner (most of time) since eradicating nap-time. However, she becomes almost unbearably irritable, unreasonable, and disobedient in the evening. It disrupts the entire family. I have recently been trying to give her naps again out of desperation to restore order and peace. She is much more pleasant when she does nap, but she is very rebellious about staying in her bed. She gets into her socks, diaper wipes, hides under her bed with books and toys... If I spank her, she will lie in her bed and go to sleep, but I do not want to spank her every day. This is my fourth child out of five, and I feel like I am starting over because I do not seem to know how to handle her at all! Please help!

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