Parenting in Step Families


We are a struggling blended family. My husband has 3 children (ages 7, 12, 17) from a previous marriage. They would most likely still be married if they saw eye to eye on how life/children should be handled, thus we are left trying to sort through the aftermath. Their mother's home is focused on the easiest way of parenting (constant electronics, showering with gifts, no discipline/follow through and wanting to be the children's friend). We are the opposite on all fronts and have tried numerous methods and given up because of opposition from the children. We struggle with extreme behavior problems, entitlement and disrespect. My husband and I are on the same page, but reluctant to implement structure/changes/enforcement as the children are already just "trying to get through their time with us" to get back to the "good life" with mom. As a parent, you want your child to love/respect/accept you as a parent and worry implementation may affect this when it is only followed through with on one side. Every aspect of what our daily lives look and feel different to the children from what they feel with their mother. We cannot endure years of this behavior and want to do what is best and what will hopefully be understood/accepted by the children (even if in the long run). We are on board, but is it possible for this to work when the parent from the other household, with a greater percentage of custody time, most likely will never be on the same page?

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