13 yo Boredom


We have a very bored 13 year old on our hands. It is now the school holidays and he is bored, bored,bored. It is not the boredom itself that we are worried about. It is the fact that he shows no initiative or interest in anything other than screen time such as tv, computer, iPod, etc.

He has been banned from these for a month as he slacked off from doing his chores (he has regular daily chores). However, this punishment was handed down before and while he picked up his game for a while, he eventually returned to his old ways. Perhaps we are too soft with him?
We have always limited screen time anyway, i.e. 2 hours a day of computer on the weekend only and no tv in the mornings but allowing some after school if homework is completed.

Another problem is that he stirs up his younger brother and sister for kicks because he's bored and basically because he feels like it.

He has homework to do, but he always leaves it to the last minute which represents his general procrastination attitude towards nearly everything, "Why do it now if I can do it tomorrow?"

He has developed a generally arrogant attitude toward life! Nothing is good enough or interesting enough and he can't be bothered doing what he is expected to do, etc.

Overall, he is a very bright and intelligent boy who does well in school but is always happy with mediocrity and never strives for excellence. We have never had any behavioural issues at home (other than those mentioned) nor at school.

We do not want to be hovering parents, becoming his entertainment coordinators nor checking and asking if homework or chores are done,etc.

We'd like to know if this is 'normal'. Should we just leave him to work his boredom out? What should we do when he stirs up his siblings and when he neglects his obligations? We are not afraid to be tough. Please advise.

Thank you

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