7 year old Trouble With School Work


My daughter is 7 yo, she is in public regular school with a program in music. They have fewer french class than ordinary school. She is really good in music but has problem with her french (and english). They think she maybe has ADHD or learning difficulty as dyslexia. At home she always complaints when doing her homeworks (she doesn't want to do them and says she doesn't understand and she is no good) At school, sometimes she is good and sometimes the teacher suspect a problem in learning. She is always moving on her chair when working and always speaking. There is no computer or tv time at home. I am sick to push her to do her homework and revising for test. I have told her, I won't remind her to do her homework but If she needs help, I will always be there to help her. The first week has finished (I reminded her a little bit but I am not sure she does that in purpose, manipulating or because she has real writing and reading difficulties. What do you suggess? I can't stand the complaining and not following our instruction ( more my husband than me) Thanks

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