4 yo Daily Report Cards Still Not Working


This question is in response to "4 yo daily report cards not working". The problem we have been having is our daughter doesn't seem to "get it". She does not get the cause and effect concept. We have noticed this for a long time. We are in the process of having her evaluated, her communication skills and comprehension appears to be delayed. I am sure that taking her out of school when she is disruptive and sending her to her room will have no effect on her. I did this last year at a previous school and the behaviors never stopped, thats when we decided to take her out. When she is sent to her room, it is like sending a 2 year old to her room. She does not understand the consequence and the effects have no meaning the next day. Everything is done in exactly the same way day after day.

We cannot send her to her room because the concept is quickly lost as to why she is in there and her time in there is anything but boring. We have recently started putting her in our entry hall instead, because the presence of us and the absence of a door has greatly reduced her deranged excitement and energy she derives from being sent to her room. For the first time she is genuinely bored, but still makes no difference in her thoughts or actions for the next time the same incident occurs. What else can be done when a child doesn't understand cause and effect? This is the problem we have been having in school and at home.

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