4 yo Daily Report Cards Not Working


I wrote a few questions about my daughters report cards for school, She is getting nowhere with it. Her behavior is out of control there and getting worse. This is the second school that she has been having the same problems and being an absolute tyrant! She will not listen/take direction to any other adults in her life (especially teachers, she fights them the most) She is being extremely defiant, refusing to do everything. Disrupting the class continually, uncontrollable shouting/screaming, running, laughing when inappropriate (this is not innocent fun but is 100% for reaction/attention),destroying items,food, projects,turning over others food/drinks purposely at snack time so it's a complete mess , then she will further the mess herself on purpose to get into even more trouble! Apparently she is a fan of throwing objects/ food there as well,this has been happening daily. Compared to what she is like at home this is like Jekyll and Hyde! She is running the classroom with her behavior. I think she finds it amusing at this point that the teacher cannot stop her in anyway. She understands that she has power there. She gets about 1 good report card a week and the rest are atrocious.

Today she even lied and said there was no report card because she was listening, yet her comments on her report card today were horrendous and that of a child who is out of control. When she has "lots of problems" on the report card she simply does not get to play with a specific toy later. This does not even phase her. Some days she is sent straight to her room when she intentionally threw an object at a child/teacher that day or was aggressive. The problem we have been having for some time with her is she is completely immune to going to her room, so it has no effect on her whatsoever . She is so hyper and impulsive that the attention and excitement of the action outweighs the consequences and the consequences are quickly gotten over. Help please! What can we do?

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