15-Year-Old Cutting


Dr. Rosemond,
I'm asking how to handle my 15 yr old daughter who is angry at me over our difference of opinion over her older sister/our daughter desiring to date someone of another race. Her mother and I are not in favor of this, yet our daughters don't see it as an issue of concern. I believe this has been a "festering" problem for a year or so. She has experimented with cutting. She told a teacher at school who in turn notified my wife & I. We immediately got her into Christian counseling & the counselor had her sign a contract that she would not cut anymore & to notify the ones she picked if she did. She is feeling super self conscience, anxious, angry and depressed. I asked her if she was being teased or bullied at school & she said no. It has been about 4 weeks since all this came out & has been to a professional counselor 4 times. I wanted to ask you what is the right way for me, her father to go about handling this? My wife said that I should wait until we speak with the counselor together, but I don't want to seem as if I don't care if I give her the space that she says she wants. We have prayed with her & reassured her that we love her & are going to see her through this. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. I don't want to push her the wrong way that could lead her to cut again by discipline ( taking iPad away for attitude ) but at the same time I don't want to be manipulated or controlled either. There seems to be a measure of self pity in all of this. The counselor recommended that my wife goggle what to do with teens that have cut. I told her to cancel the next appt. & make one with someone else. I mainly want to know what to do and appreciate any & all suggestions. Thank you.

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