little girl spends too much time in bathroom


We are having a problem with our daughter excessively using the bathroom, to be nosy and to play! It is conveniently right out side her bedroom door. She is constantly sneaking in there to play with the water or toilet paper. She has no concept of time or what 5 minutes mean and cannot efficiently move along through the process in there without stalling. Consistently every morning before she knows we are up she is in there 20 + minutes just to pee! By the time I go to send her out she has not even wiped at that point and is usually caught playing with toilet paper in her lap. Every night I shut off her water to lessen her play/distraction, which hasn't helped. After being sent back to her room in the morning, if I or my husband go downstairs she is right back out to the bathroom this is usually 5 minutes after being sent back , because she wants to be nosy! She will also stand right outside our bedroom door to be nosy before and after she goes to play in the bathroom. She is wasting/using excessive toilet paper, and is somehow still getting off the toilet dripping pee and not dry! We are constantly telling her to get out of the bathroom all day long! At this point she seems to be liking the attention of being told to get out, seems to satisfy her so we have stopped telling her and in turn she is not allowed to play with a particular toy, but this has been weeks now that she does not care or get the point. What can I do to stop this nosy/disobedient behavior?

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