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How Much is Too Much Extracurricular Activities?


Is 3 hours of one sport once a week too much for a 7 (almost 8) year old? This sport meets from 6-9 pm (there are additional practices child does not always make it to due to other obligations. It is nearly 10 pm before child is in bed and usually wakes by 6:15 am the next day. (Usually bedtime is 8-8:30 when there are no activities going on and, again, wakes around 6-6:15.) Husband thinks it is ok and tries to assure me its fine - child's homework is not suffering, he is not sleep deprived (though I may argue that one based on sensitivity, grumpiness, etc.). This is on Tuesdays which has the potential to be the beginning of 3 nights of later than hoped bedtimes due to church obligations Wednesdays, and another activity on Thursdays.

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