4 Year Old Wetting Pants


We have a 4 1/2 year old boy who has been using the toilet for over a year now. He always makes it to the bathroom when he needs to go number two, but unless we remind him to go to the bathroom, he often (usually every day) wets his pants (sometimes multiple times in a day). This has continued for over a year, with some days better than others. The only really good days occur because we have been more vigilant about reminding him to go. A couple weeks ago we decided to try using "the doctor" and told him that the doctor said he was having this struggle because he was tired and if he had an accident he would need to spend the rest of the day in his room and go to bed early. He has had accidents on 5 or 6 days in the last two weeks and has, without argument (but with great disappointment) spent the rest of the day in his room. He told us yesterday when he wet his pants that he didn't think it (what the doctor said) was working. There have been enough days that he has remembered to go that we feel quite certain he can recognize the need, but when he's distracted and doesn't want to stop playing, he doesn't stop to use the bathroom and we are really struggling with helping him become independent with this.

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