dad's behavior at games out of line


What can I do/say to my husband to help him realize his behavior at our 7 yr old son's basketball game was uncalled for? At least three times he said "Jesus Christ" and "how embarrassing" to loudly to be considered under his breathe (and with our 6 yr old on his lap). He tried coaching the 7 yr from the side line verbally and with hand gestures trying to demonstrate what to do (which distracted the 7 yr old - then husband would tell him to keep an eye on the ball but he was the one distracting him). After the game he was talking to the 7 yr old while helping him change shoes and it seemed like nearly everyone was looking at them as they walked by. In the parking lot he told me "not to alienate him" in response to something I said to which I said "you seem to be doing that yourself." Even my parents left the game early to escape the comments.

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