5 yo Tantrums in School


My five year old son is in PreK. In the last several months, his behavior has improved at home with some maturity growth and using John's techniques. With the exception of a few angry episodes at the gym or drop in daycare, he is usually behaved.
School is another story. He enjoys school and wants to go, yet he has a lot of tantrums...crying and screaming when things don't go as he wants or he has to transition to an activity he doesn't want to do... And his outbursts are becoming more angry in nature. He has thrown toys and even hit. Sometimes he will turn his anger inward and threaten himself or talk badly about himself, He is remorseful later on.

Teacher isn't keen on me coming to pick him up after a tantrum. She isn't firm enough, but says she is trying to be. I want to implement a system. Should I do tickets for just misbehaviors at school ?
I wish they would call after he has a freak out so I can remove him, especially since he likes it there so much. If the teacher refuses to Tell me about outbursts during the day so I can pick him up, should we remove him from school?
I am at my wits end, and I'm trying to remain calm, but having the "problem kid" is wearing on me.

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