8 yo girl doesn't turn in math homework


I need help in determining if my 8 year-old daughter's struggles in school are a discipline/behavioral issue or if she really is having trouble understanding the work. She is in third grade. We have had several instances this year so far where she is turning in work late, not doing the work correctly (i.e., failing to follow directions on the worksheets/problems - like labeling the work), or just flat out failing to complete the work.

I have not been helping her with her homework, asking if she has any homework, etc. We get home from school around 4:30 in the afternoon and I tell her she needs to work on school work (math/reading) for at least 30 minutes. Bed time is 8pm on school nights.

She has been doing poorly on her recent math assignments and tests. Poor enough that now her school has recommended she attend 1hour/weekly tutoring sessions after school to help her prepare for upcoming state assessments. I realize I need to make consequences for issues she can control - like turning in papers late, incomplete, etc. I'm not sure how to handle the poor grades on the homework/tests. She is getting Bs and As in all of her other subjects so I think she is capable of the work....but when the subject of her performance in math comes up she gets all teary eyed and emotional about how she "doesn't get it". I don't want to punish her if she truly is trying her best but don't want to enable her, either.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

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