LGBT Issues in Schools (Australia)


Good Morning,

We live in Australia and so far gay and lesbian marriage has not been legalised - but there is a big push for it to be so. They have recently introduced into hundreds of schools throughout Australia an anti-bullying program - even in many primary schools - that focuses on normalising LGBTI amongst students. They make it sound like a harmless program and call it 'Safe Schools Australia - Anti-Bullying'. It only covers bullying in this area...

There is no opt out for parents and there is little communicated to parents about the contents of the program. We do know however that it includes harmful advice such as chest binding for girls if they are unhappy with their breasts, boys using girls toilets and vice versa and encouraging children to be open and experiment with a range of partners and techniques etc.

My children are still in primary school - but it is only a matter of time before they are exposed to these ideas. Do you have any advice on how we as parents should handle this issue? If you have any suggestions for useful YouTube videos that help educate kids on how LGBTI issues relate to God, please forward them.

Thank you.

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