Inpatient Care for 13 Year Old?


Help please, Advice needed:
Our 13 year old son should have started high school last year. Been to 2 physiologists and psychiatrists. No progress there. We have been working all past year to get him to year 7 this year. He has no problem walking arround school, But still could not get him to start last week the new school year. (School year starts in February, here in Australia) We have given options for different schools, but to no avail.
In the past had no issues except could not go to school camp since grade 4. Will not sleep over at friends or at Granny. Holidays are a nightmare as he does not like change. He just wanted to go home. But he rides bicycle to friends + goes to see cricket/footy/soccer and plays club soccer in season. So he functions fine. Health is fine. Checked blood - all ok.
Last year we could not get him to do any school work at home. We are considering inpatient care at hospital. This idea horrified B13. He now says he will do work from Home. He is now doing hours of Maths catchup, and has read one of his novels in a day. I though this would give confidence to try school, but he still can not face the idea.
My Question is will hospital help, or make it worse. Is it the kick he needs or will he regress and never forgive us??
Does anybody have experience with hospital admission ?
Thanks in advance....

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