15-Year-Old Daughter's Electronic Use


Electronic ownership

So that our child (15) is not an outcast at new school, we purchased her an Iphone. (She contributes to the cost of the data plan for texting.) Due to a policy infraction, I have taken the phone away for a month, so that she will have time to think about how hurtful it can be when others accidentally read an ugly and lying message written about classmates. 2nd infraction. At work, my company provides me an Ipad, and they can see anything and everything I may type or due on it. To me, my daughter’s iphone is the same, anything typed, is open for viewing by parents. Kids today seem to have an affliction of spouting out any thought, typing away, and believing their words are private. Husband believes I’m being too harsh, and that he should be able to give it back to her while I’m away at work.

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