3 Year Old Holding Bladder


We have been using N75 for three weeks now for my almost 3yr old son and everything seemed normal in the beginning. He is our third so we are pretty laid back, we hung around the house as much as possible he had accidents but I reminded him calmly and firmly that his poop and pee belong in the toilet. At first it seemed he had trouble relaxing to release his urine so I would let him play with a toy in a cup of warm water and that seemed to work. Then after a couple of days of that he seemed to be able to relax enough to go without the water after a bit of sitting on the toilet. Now he has gotten very good at holding it and can't seem to relax again to go even though it is very apparent he has too, he will hold it allllll day. He has been doing this about a week now and he's miserable. He starts to do the dance int he mornings and it just gets progressively worse till bed, I'm worried he's going to hurt his bladder or give himself a UTI. :( it doesn't seem he's withholding on purpose it's just seems he can't relax.

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