5-yr old girl jealous at party


Yesterday was my daughter's 3 year birthday. My 5 year old had a come apart during her party. She was wanting candles on a little cake she had made and not just on the birthday cake. When I wouldn't put any on hers, she left the room crying. I didn't go after her, but a few minutes later she came back sobbing saying she wanted candles on hers. I told her no and I didn't want to hear it again. She said something again, so I took her to her room and gave a spanking. I told her not to come out until she had herself under control. She stayed in her room for a little bit but came out when she heard it was present time. She sat down and was whimpering and wanting me to sing. I told her no that I was taking pictures and it wasn't about her. She continued to whimper for a few more minutes and then finally when toys were opened, she was back to normal and playing. I didn't know what else to do, I wanted to see my 3 year old opening her presents, but I feel like there was something else that should have been done, but I'm not sure what. I just don't know what to do when she starts carrying on like that.

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