2 Year Old Bedwetting


My younger son is still not able to stay dry through the night. We ditched diapers (day and night) in May 2015 at 23 months old. Per Melanie's suggestion we put him back in a pull up at night in July because he wasn't able to stay dry and we waited until November to try again. We've now been at it for almost 3 months and he's still wet every night. He now has a rubber sheet under his normal sheet, so when he wets it feels very wet. We still only dress him in a shirt and underwear. 80% of the time when we go get him in the morning he is awake, laying right in the middle of a warm (and usually large) wet spot. Perfectly quiet and content. He has been successful staying dry during nap time for many months (that didn't take long at all). What else can we do to break him of this habit at night?

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