4 Year Old Parents Divorcing


My husband and I are finally splitting up. I am planning on a divorce. Our son is now 4.
Husband is generally pissed at the world all the time, and a Terrible role model. He can't see outside of himself to do anything sacrificial for his son. I can't deal with it any more. He's in the process of looking for a place to rent. (By the way, I will never talk poorly about him to our son)

At this point he is still here. we have all been really sick this week which has derailed his house/apartment hunting.

We are barely talking. Immature I know but problem is that if I am friendly, cordial and generally treat him nicely, he will assume all is well with us.

I know our son knows somethings up. If given a choice, he will always choose to be with me. His dad is not abusive but he rarely engages with him..,.borderline neglectful.

Our son loves his daddy and will be very affected when he is gone. Almost daily he asks me where daddy is. Now, I can say...at work, the store, etc. But what do I say when he asks and dad doesn't live here anymore? And then how do I respond to "Why doesn't he live with us any more?"

Any other advice or suggestions regarding what to say, how to behave...what not to say?

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