Nap Poops


My son is now 27 months old, and 3 months into potty training. He is doing great! He tells me when he has to go. Pees and poops in the potty consistently, no problem. He rarely has accidents. We have not begun night training. He sleeps in a pull-up at night only and we take it off as soon as he wakes up (12 hours). The question is regarding his naps. When I put him down in his crib, he poops while he's awake and doesn't sleep. He is wearing underwear and pants. He's been pooping instead of napping for the last month. He will sleep on me, in the car seat, in the stroller with no accidents. He is having an on-purpose. He yells that he's pooped and then smiles when I go in to clean him up. When I go in I say 'uh oh you pooped. Pee and poop go in the potty'. He says 'sorry mommy. Poop goes in the potty'. Is there a solution or is this just a phase? Do I put him down with nothing below the waist? Will night training resolve this issue? He is not ready to give up this nap, he will sleep 1-2 hours in the other scenarios.

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