2 Yr. Old Climber Makes Mom Crazy


I am all about letting my 2 1/2 year old roam freely in my house, and I have made sure to put away anything I don't want him to play with. But, this kid!! He is constantly climbing! I find him (daily) on top of our refrigerator, on the top shelf in our pantry, on top of our counters, etc. Whenever he wants something up high, he just scales the drawers, etc to get it, and walks around! We keep our bar stools up on the counters so he can no longer use them for climbing, but he just finds another way. As long as he can get a toe hooked on something he is golden. He also started climbing out of his crib when he was just 12 months old. When there's nothing left up high for him to want (I have put everything up there away also), he just scales everything anyway, just to do it. While I celebrate his independence, I may lose my mind if he doesn't stop walking around on our counters and refrigerator! Lol. I did get him an indoor trampoline that he and his brother love (it has a bar that they do flips/gymnastics on), and we pull out mattresses for jumping/climbing, etc. We also spend a LOT of time playing outside. None of this seems to help. Do you have any suggestions?

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