School - Holding a Child Back


I have a six year old in first grade in a public school in NC. She is struggling with reading and doing her homework and has been since kindergarten. In my opinon, schools are giving way too much homework for this age but that's another issue. With a 5 and 6 year old (unless I am missing something), I have to help her with homework more than I would like because even when she reads the directions, her reading comprehension skills get in the way of her being able to start it on her own. I have had thoughts that maybe I should hold her back because she simply doesn't seem to get it. She is at a reading level of E and I think that she should be around G or H. Her teacher says that she has been progressing fine throughout the year (but she started behind). When I review homework with her, I find myself thinking that she is just not smart (even though she "seems" very bright and both her parents were star students). What are your thoughts about a child repeating first grade?

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