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I will make this as brief as possible. My 17 year old son has no motivation to do anything. He has no social life. He works part time and I mean as few hours as he can get away with. We told him to up his hours at work for the summer. He worked a good amount for about 2 weeks and now is back to about 12. The biggest problem is that he bought himself a computer in the spring and he plays online computer games all day. He gets up, he is online, he will only get off to eat and go to the bathroom. His argument with us is that since he bought the computer we have no say in how much he plays. He won't do anything around the house without a major fight, not even make his bed. I don't know what to do. It is hard to argue with a kid who is bigger than me and very snotty. How do I make him? Thank goodness he is not into drugs or anything like that but boy he has a serious computer addiction problem. (I monitor what he does online and he does nothing that he shouldn't, i.e. porn or chat rooms). We have been touring colleges (grades are good) for next fall. I see him going away to college and skipping classes to play computer. How can I stop this from going any farther? Help!

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