3 yo Boys Destroying the House!


Twin 3YO boys, playfully destructive. My wife and I are at our wits end. We have two 35 month old twin boys who are little wild men. They are fairly responsive to direct commands, but will be someplace they shouldn't be or touching/destroying something they shouldn't touch literally seconds after we turn our backs. We child proofed as we did with our other three, but there is literally no lock, gate, wall, barrier they cannot defeat. They have broken windows, doors, walls, and furniture. The thing that is defeating us is that there are two of them and they cooperate (when they aren't killing each other). They share a room with their 6 YO brother so isolation works for 1 of 3 - and then there's that whole destroy the room (structure, not just toys etc.) or paint the walls with poop thing (giggling all the while). We are out of ideas, patience, and energy (we're 45 and 48). Worst of all, we spend literally all our time on two hooligans, shortchanging the three oldest. Help.

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