Disrespectful 12 year old


My almost 12 year-old son is surly, disrespectful and generally sullen. He and his friends crank called me yesterday (using one of their cell phones, my son doesn't have one), and I did not appreciate it one bit. I realize that this is an age that they do such things, but I found it disrespectful, and I had my son get on the phone and told him so and that he had to come home - which he did. I explained to him that since I substitute teach at his school, I needed to have solid respect from him and his peers. He told me I wasn't a "fun mom". I agreed. I miss our old relationship. He doesn't hug me or want me close and it hurts. Is it the age? He also talks back to me and my husband. We try to ignore it and walk away, but, I must admit, that's hard. Although we do things differently than most parents in our neighborhood (i.e. no t.v. on school days, no cell phones, no x-box, no personal I pad, our children have chores) I think our son feels resentful and angry. What are we doing wrong?

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