Daughter refusing to take herself to bathroom


We are having some bathroom issues with our daughter. For the past month or so we have been dealing with many accidents in the underwear, holding it for hours, not wiping properly (underwear always dirty, child always smelling on top of frequent baths), Accidents right in front of the toilet, careless use of the toilet ( not sitting far enough back on it so she winds up peeing straight down the toilet onto the floor). We are dealing with these issues daily.

She is refusing to take herself to the bathroom for up to 2+ hours! She does not take herself to the bathroom during school (or if she does she's in such a hurry and does not clean herself up) she will hold it till she comes home and nearly have an accident upon walking through the door, yet will still choose to wait hours before taking herself and either at the point she has already started going in her pants or will have an accident in front of the toilet because she waited so long. Today she literally came home from school with poop falling out of her pant legs. Every bathroom trip through out the day now requires our forcing her to go because she will not take herself on her time.

Now our bigger problem is with consequences. Our daughter since day 1 of starting tickets method (over 1 year ago) has never been bothered by being sent to her room. She does not see it as the ultimate consequence. She will and has turned her room into a playground. If she is in there 6 hours those 6 hours she will talk her own ear off, run laps around the room, jump on her bed for hours,(never has once fallen asleep from boredom or running out of energy) she has always found a way to entertain herself whether its drawing with spit on windows, pulling out her hair to have something to play with, pulling caulk out of the windows, peeling furniture etc. She will get so loud and carried away with excitement, she can't even hear us call her down to a meal. She never gets upset being sent to her room, she just accepts the punishment and makes the most of it.

We don't know how to deal with the bathroom issues because of how she views the consequences (confined to room or bathroom) as not being all that terrible. It doesn't deter her enough from wanting to do it again because she will turn the punishment into something fun. For this same reason, we are having issues with our tickets program as well as problems being reported to us from school (will ask in separate question). We don't know how to handle these since nothing is learned, and the end result is ineffective.

With this in mind how do we eliminate the 2 + hours of her choosing to sit and rock instead of taking herself to the bathroom, without our involvement? For accidents she's been sent to her room,or bathroom confinement which turns in to fun. We are consistent with the consequences but improvements never come from it.

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