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5 year old having issues at preschool


Hi. My son is almost 5 and has been a busy/hyper boy since birth. He has improved in the last month's thanks to the ticket system, but still having issues at preschool. His teachers are ill prepared to deal with a child with his personality. Some days he is great, others he is disrespectful and won't stop talking. I was recently told he wouldn't be able to attend kindergarten at this school if his behavior doesn't improve. He gets yellows and reds at school for misbehavior. He has to get 7 days of green to have his privileges restored at home. Yellow or red start him over. So far we have gotten on yellow, but no green. Yellow days are unusually due to not listening and talking too much. Reds are mostly because of direct defiance. So yellows are improvements for us. I just now feel pressure to get my kids "fixed" so he can be ready for kindergarten 8 months from now. Not sure what to do to help him stop talking and listen more. He's just so busy that his impulsivity usually wins out. Any suggestions? I don't want him labeled ADHD. How can I help change his behavior when I'm not around? I just wish I could give his teachers Rosemond's book!

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