4 year old night time toilet training


My son will be 4 in February and has been day time trained since he was 19 months old. In May I submitted a question asking about night time training as he had never woken up with a dry diaper. I followed the advice given to wait six months and try again. We started with no diapers at night two weeks ago and so far we are having two accidents at night. After the two accidents during the night he does wake up dry. He seems to only wake up once he's already wet but he is at least waking up. Only once did he wake up and go to the bathroom on his own before wetting. We do not give him drinks after supper and he takes himself to the bathroom several times after he's put to bed but before he goes to sleep, sometimes 10 or more times (possibly just excited to be able to get out of his bed?). My husband and I are super encouraging and positive and tell him frequently that accidents are OK and nothing to worry about. Have I rushed taking him out of diapers? Or since I'm two weeks into it should I just keep plowing ahead? Is there any advice you can give to help me help him? Thank you!

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