11 Year Old Boy No Fashion Sense


Hello! My question is less serious than many I've read here, and this is my first time submitting a question, so please bear with me! Clothing choices: I grew up being instructed on what I was to wear on a daily basis, my mother being very style-conscious; my husband grew up just the opposite - he was allowed to wear whatever he chose from day one. I'm trying to find a reasonable balance between these two extremes while helping our 11-year-old son learn to pick things that are appropriate and look good together. I picked out his clothing daily through 3rd grade as he'd been at a private school with a staunch dress code, however from 4th grade on we've had him at a different school with basically no dress code, so I've allowed him much more leeway in his choices. He usually chooses things that may be appropriate enough, but that don't look good together. I want him to be able to dress himself well when I'm not around to tell him when something looks terrible together. I'm not talking about being overly fashionable, I just want to set him up for success - in other words, so he won't be the laughing stock at college, work, etc. Can you give me some ideas of some guidelines on this topic? Thanks so much!

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