3 yo Tantrums


Hi Gurus,
Our daughter - she turned 3 in September - has been exhibiting signs of what I've mentally termed Global Brattiness Syndrome. She is, to be fair, a pleasure to be around 75% of the time, but her moments of defiance have taken on a real whiny tone over the past few weeks when it comes to not getting her way. Christmas, for example: after opening any present she got from anyone (present opening was kind of staggered due to family being all over) she immediately said "what else is there?" and pitched a fit when no presents were forthcoming. She didn't get loads of presents, and we don't reward screaming with placation or bribes. I don't spank her often, but I find myself asking her if she needs one a few times a day now (she usually says no and stops whatever behavior for the moment). She's got a lot of moxie, which is a thing I think will serve her well in life in the long run, but if we're not very careful to manage it I feel like it'll curdle into full-blown brat territory, which will do no one any good at all. I realize this is a pretty unfocused question, but any advice you've got about what discipline techniques are most effective at this age, I'm all ears! Thank you!

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