Quiet Morinings Once More


How can we get our daughter(4 1/2) to stay quiet in the morning again before she is allowed to get up. My husband and I try to have 15-20 minutes in the morning together before work and previously our daughter had no problem staying quiet during this time, there would be mornings where she was not and there was simply a consequence for it. The last 3+ weeks she has not been able to stay quiet a single morning. She has a consequence of not playing with a favorite activity and early bed time and it has made no difference. The activity has lost any meaning it had to her she does not even ask for it and early bed time has never meant anything to her at this age.. Since she has no concept of time she just takes it as a fact. The problem is now she is BLATANTLY disobeying in the mornings, every single morning she will stay quiet UNTIL the very second we pass her door and instantly she starts hysterically laughing and making obnoxious noises, clapping etc. She seems to be seeking attention from this and is purposely wanting us to be aware of what she is NOT doing. Advice greatly appreciated.

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