3 yo boy having "on purposes" and being defiant


Our son just turned 3 and was potty trained about 11 months ago. About a month ago he started peeing intentionally in his crib at what I suspect were his intentions to get my attention and not have to go to bed at bedtime. So I removed his mattress from the crib broke down the crib and gave him a big boy bed and put a potty in his room and told him to use it if he had to go pee. Now it's worse. He is being defiant and so I'm sending to his room to "cool off" and he is purposely peeing upon being sent to go to his room. We have tried taking away toys (for over a week) and sending him to bed early. His defiance and peeing seem to be getting worse. We continue to hold our ground. Is this ever going to get better? This morning he refused to get dressed for pre-school and I put him outside (naked and 45 deg. outside) until he decided that putting on clothes was a good way to stay warm. I feel like a really mean mom. Am I doing the right thing?

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