Parent Struggles With Child's Grades, part 2


I have since found out that there is more to the story. He has always struggled with reading. His 4th grade teacher tutored him during the summer. So, when he started making mostly As in reading in 5th grade I thought it was a result of the tutoring. But come to find out this week, his 5th grade teacher (last year) was helping him answer questions on his reading tests. This was her first year teaching. Now I feel there is a different issue other than he's just not paying attention and goofing off. I spoke with his teacher at length yesterday and she is going to work with him one on one a couple of mornings a week. She also mentioned that it upset her how the other boys had shunned him. Unfortunately this is nothing new. He goes to a private Christian school and has had to deal with the same boys since kindergarten. He doesn't complain too often about it but will mention some things that have happened after the fact. I feel that his self confidence may be down although he doesn't show it outwardly. How can I help him?

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