14 yo Won't Go to School


Hi, We have a 14 y.o. son who has not once made it a full week on time for school this year. He is in a private school with very long hours and he clams it's 'too hard'.. I agree the schedule is tough but he is also the laziest child I have. It ruins my morning when he's here until 10 or Noon while I'm trying to get him out the door. I am trapped trying to goad him into action. Yesterday my husband had to come home at 1pm so I could pick up the younger kids from school and not leave this 14 y.o. home alone. His computer has been taken away and we didn't want him scrounging the house to find it or whatever else he would get into. .He gets home very late in the evenings and claims he has 'no life' except for school. Please advise how to get him to school on time! Thank you! Mandy

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