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Toddler, Baby Squabbles


Dear John or other panel members,
I have two wonderful, beautiful grandsons, ages 33 mo. and six months that I see about once a week.
They are both happy children but lately Alex (the 33 mo old.) doesn't want the baby (who is scooting around) to play with his toys. Alex grabs them away from him and when the baby reaches for another one, he grabs that one too even though he has a lot of toys and plenty to go around.

But a toy issue that concerns me even more is something I've seen Alex doing several times recently. That is he will offer a toy to the baby, then when the baby (Lucas) reaches for it and gets almost close enough to grab it, Alex will pull it out of his reach. Then if I don't stop him he will do it again. This sometimes makes the baby cry.
I know Alex is still very young himself so I don't want to over react but I think this is a cruel thing to do and I don't want Alex to get the idea that it's okay to tease his younger brother like this.
What do you think should be done that is age appropriate yet will (hopefully) teach Alex that this is not acceptable behavior toward a younger, weaker brother.

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