6 mo Sleep Training


My third child is 6.5 months old. He has acid reflux which is slightly complicated by tracheomalacia. Until recently he would occassionally choke on his spit up in the middle of the night especially when he has a cold. His pediatrician has explained that he will be able to clear his throat on his own it just sounds scary but for a period of time he suggested I keep him next to me and have him sleep slightly inclined. I know he needs to move to his own crib and I know it is medically safe to do so but I am not sure what the best way to do that is. He still wakes every three hours to eat. The problem with letting him cry it out is that it makes the drainage worse which makes him choke sometimes requiring suction. So my question: is it too late to sleep train? Is there a "softer" approach then letting him cry it out for hours on end or do I need to just bite the bullet? I work full time, have two other kiddos and my husband broke his leg so at this point I am essentially single parenting. Thanks.

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