4 year old being disrespectful


Our 4-year old son has been talking back and being disrespectful to me (his mother), his two preschool teachers, and his grandmother. He does not do this with his father. He is usually fairly compliant and will do most of the things he is told to do without complaint. However, sometimes it is like a switch is flipped. All of a sudden, when you tell him to do something he will say "No, I don't want to" or "No, I'm not going to" and start stomping around and making loud noises. His teachers told me another child at school has been doing this, and our son may have picked up these actions. At school he is placed in time out. At home, we send him to his room for a 10 minute time out on his bed (we have a 10-minute hourglass that he can watch to help calm him down). We have not been able to determine a pattern as to anything that specifically sets him off. Can you offer any advice to help us? Thank you!

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