29 Month Old Regressing Potty Training


I finished potty training my now 29-month old daughter about two months ago. Save for a few accidents when she was playing and when she had a GI bug (oi), she has done really well getting herself to a toilet. I placed 3 potty training toilets around the house for easy access and finally removed those about a month ago and she still managed to get herself to a more distant bathroom when needed.

About two weeks ago, things changed. She started going to the bathroom wherever she was at the time. It has only been pee and except for a birthday party last weekend, it has only happened at the house. I am beside myself with frustration and not sure how to correct the situation.

We still frequently ask her if she needs to go to the potty but we are often met with a "no" (and we have found we can't force her) and then find her peeing or having peed soon afterwards. And sometimes, although not consistently, she will go back to using the toilet once or twice before she does it again on the floor.

I remember you calling this "on purposes" but am confused as to why she is doing this now. Her training process was different than my son's process. With both I used the potty bell but with my son, I stayed home for a few days in a row because I had the ability to do so at the time; however, I didn't with my daughter, so it was a longer process. Also, I started training my son just shy of 3 years old and my daughter at 26 months.

I haven't figured out the winning approach yet so I have done a variety of things (e.g. help clean the mess, time out, etc.) and I'm sure this inconsistency isn't helping either. In your experience, what are the typical reasons for this behavior and what is the best strategy to resolving (and quickly). :)

Thank you!

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